Shenzhen International Watercolor Binennial,China 2015-2016


Shenzhen, neighboring Hong Kong in South China, is one of the most developed cities with a population of about 11 million. It is the first Special Economic Zone and one of the four biggest cities in China. Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial(SIWB) is a non-profit-making international academic exhibition sponsored by the government. It advocates diversified development of watercolor, encourages up-to-date trial, exploration and innovation of watercolor. It is also a platform for watercolor exchange between China and the world. We hope the biennial can promote the communication of artists from different countries and push the art of watercolor forward. Welcome to our biennial!

You may duplicate this Prospectus and Entry Form for other interested artists. They are also available online at our website Thanks!


Host: Shenzhen International Culture Association

Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles

Luohu District People’s Government, Shenzhen City.

Organizer: Luohu District Culture and Sports Bureau, Shenzhen City.

Shenzhen Art Museum

Co-organizer: Luohu District Cultural Center, Shenzhen City.

  Luohu Art Museum



I. The Biennial is open to all artists who are 18 years or older; amateur and professional, from all nations.

II. Artists’ original work only. Paintings must be primarily water-based media on a paper surface and unvarnished (Yupo is permitted), including transparent watercolor, gouache, acrylic, egg tempera and water-based composite media. Other media, if used, must be in conjunction with the water media. The water media must be at least 80%.

No digital media, photography, prints or reproductions may be used anywhere in the painting. Work must have been completed within the last three years. Paintings done in a class or workshop setting may not be submitted. Source material must be original and not derived from any published images.

III. Size limit: No side is more than 110cm (about 43”) and less than 35cm (about 14”).

IV.In order to save international shipping expenses, we recommend that your work be painted on paper, which is not more than 300 grams(140lb) that can be wrapped in tube package. Nevertheless, other paper is also accepted.



Internationally recognized watercolor masters from different countries form the Jury. Their names will be shown on our website .



Digital Entries only. Submit high-quality digital images of your paintings in jpg, RGB format, file size up to 3.5MB, minimum of 1800 pixels on the longer side, image must be correctly oriented (vertical or horizontal). Your digital images should be of your work without a mat or frame. No digital enhancement or modification is allowed. The file should be named in the following format: painting No._artist’s name_ Country. For example: 1_Jack Hunter_ China. NO MORE THAN TWO IMAGES CAN BE SUBMITTED.

I.E-MAIL ENTRY, Send the digital images and Entry Form as attachments to . The subject of the e-mail should be the artist’s full name and Country.

II.CD ENTRY, The images and Entry Form also can be copied to a CD (Please write artist’s full name and Country on the CD cover) and posted to:




180-200 paintings will be selected to enter the Biennial. (The number depends on the size of the paintings and the space of exhibition). They are going be exhibited in Shenzhen Art Museum from December 5, 2015 to January 10, 2015.

Please check our web page on August 15 to see a list of Accepted Artists/Paintings. Artists whose submissions are accepted in the initial jurying process will receive labels and instructions for delivery via e-mail.



A travel exhibition of 150 paintings will be chosen for a six-city national Traveling Exhibition. It will last for one year. The time and venues will be notified on our website after the close of the biennial. Please be sure to mark the circle on your Entry Form if your paintings are available for this honor. If the paintings unsold also not included in the travel exhibition will be returned after the close of the exhibition. Unsold works of the travel exhibition will be returned to the artists within 45 days after the close of the travel exhibition.



All entries must be submitted email or CD received NO LATER THAN 24:00, JULY, 10, 2015. (Beijing Time).



The jurors will select awards from the actual paintings. Awards totaling is over US $80,000 in purchase, cash and merchandise.

1.Shenzhen Watercolor Prize (Best of Show in Purchase Award), RMB80,000 (about $13000)

2. Gold Prize (Purchase Award), RMB50, 000 (about $8,000)

3. Silver Prize (Purchase Award), RMB40, 000 (about $6,400)

4. Bronze Prize (Purchase Award), RMB30, 000 (about $4,800)

5. Excellence Prize (Purchase Award), ten, RMB25, 000 (about $4,000) for each.

6. Shenzhen Art Museum Collection Award, RMB 25,000 (about $4,000) for each.

7. Daniel Smith Merchandise Prize, Premier Watercolor Collection – 231, 15ml tubes of DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolors, MSRP Value $4011.54.

8. The United States Award for an Artist under 30 years of age. $2000, Sponsored by Laurin McCracken

9. A certain number of Other Prize, ($800-1500)

The host will issue certificates of award and medals to the prize-winners, acceptance certificates will be issued to all the artists whose paintings are selected. We welcome all of the prize winners to the ceremony. The host will provide for the dinner to all who attend the opening and award ceremony.



A high-quality full color 28×28cm (11”×11”,one painting on full page) album of Accepted Works will be published. Everyone whose paintings are selected will get one. Additional albums will be available for purchase online at our website.





Accepted works may be shipped unframed and unmated. The organizer is taking responsibility for unified framing and expenses. However, if the work is sold, the author shall pay for the renting frame fees for $50, and the works which exceed 56×76 cm(22×30”)for $80.


We recommend that the Accepted entries use EMS (For America is USPS – International Express Mail) or National Post Office's Express service to ship your works to the organizer. If there occurs any custom fees will be paid by the organizer. You may also use FEDEX, UPS, DHL, TNT or other for shipping, but you have to register a credit account in the company and pay by yourself if any custom fees are occurred. Be sure to mark the package as No Retail Value – For Exhibition Only.


Any work that the packaging volume does not exceed 2.5 (length, cm × width, cm×heith, cm÷5000≤2.5), or the weigh is no more than 2.5kg, its return fees will be paid by the organizer. In order to save the international shipping fees, the organizer has the right to change your package if it is unnecessarily over packed, unless you have stated that would pay for the return fee by yourself in advance.



All work MUST be for sale. There will be no price changes after acceptance in the Biennial. If the elected paintings are sold in the biennial and travel exhibition, the host, organizer will be responsible for all sales and will retain a 30% commission.



I. The entrants must submit according to the stated specifications in this document, otherwise the host will reject the entries. The entrants who submit more than two painting images will be disqualified. The entrants whose original paintings fail to match the submitted images will be disqualified and not be permitted to enter the next two biennials.

II. No accepted paintings may be withdrawn prior to the close of the exhibition. The jury’s decision is final. Winners must accept Purchase Awards as they checked in the Entry Form. The paintings that get a Purchase Award will be collected by the host after the award (cash) is paid. Naturally it is a duty for the winners to pay the tax according to the laws of China.

III. Artists’ original work only. If photos are used for reference, they must be taken by or for the artists themselves. All entries must not violate others’ legal rights. The entrants take responsibility of any controversy caused by copyright, ownership etc and eliminate ill effects.



I. The host owns the right of exhibiting, researching, photographing, videotaping, publishing and promoting all accepted submissions. All accepted submissions are subject to the rules hereby.

II. Utmost care will be taken in handling artwork. The host, organizers, co-organizer and their officers, representatives, employees will not be responsible for damage or loss from any cause, whatever the cause. Artists should carry their own insurance.

III. The entrants should comply with the rules in this prospectus. The Committee reserves the right of interpretation of the prospectus. Rules not mentioned herein will be sent to entrants if necessary. For further information, please visit our website.



April 1: Submit Open.

July 10: Deadline for Entry.

Aug.10: Accepted Artists will be posted on our web page and exhibitor information packets will be e-mailed.

Sept.18: Deadline for Paintings to be Delivered.

Oct.22-25: Verification of Accepted Paintings; Jury of Awards.

Dec.5: Opening & Awarding Ceremony.

Dec.27: Exhibition Closes.



Organizer Office Address: Luohu Cultural Center, 2009 Taibai Road, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, 518019 China

Tel: 0086 755-2551 9802

E-mail: (Questions only)

PROSPECTUS and ENTRY FORM,For further information, please visit our website at


Download the Prospectus:


SIWB 2015-2016 PROSPECTUS .pdf

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