Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial Exhibition(SIWB) is one of the largest and most prestigious prizes for contemporary watercolour painting in the world,Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial Exhibition rewards excellence and originality in the medium of watercolour. With total Prize of USD80,000 the exhibition features work by artists who redefine and celebrate watercolour and water-based media.

A non-profit-making academic exhibition. We advocate a diversified development of watercolor, encourage an up-to-date trial, and the exploration and innovation of watercolor. It is also a platform for watercolor work exchange between China and the world. We hope that this International Watercolor Biennial can promote the communication between artists from different countries, and push the art of watercolor forward. Linked with watercolor, this biennial will be an international gala of culture and art. Let it be a window for China to know the world and the world to know China.

Host: Shenzhen International Culture Association.
          Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
          Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles.
          Luohu District People’s Government, Shenzhen City.
Organizer: Luohu District Culture and Sports Bureau, Shenzhen City.
                   Shenzhen Art Museum.
Co-organizer: Luohu District Cultural Center,Shenzhen City.

                                                                                  The City of Shenzhen

About Shenzhen (Luohu), the Host City

Shenzhen lies in the subtropics,east longitude from 113°46′to 114°37′, north latitude form 22°27′to 22°52′. It locates in the frontier of Pearl River Delta,north to Shenzhen River, which runs between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. It is an important transportation junction in South China, a bridge connecting the mainland and Hong Kong. The area is 1,953 square kilometers with a population of 14 million. It is the first Special Economic Zone that the chief designer of China's reforms, Deng Xiaoping, personally initiated to establish. It is also one of the most successful Special Economic Zone (SEZs). Shenzhen takes the mission of trying out government innovations. Over the past 30 years, it turned from a small border town into the fourth largest Chinese city in terms of economic output. (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen).Shenzhen and Hong Kong are going to form a world-class metropolis.

As an important international gateway of China, Shenzhen has the most immigration control points. It is one of the most fast-developing cities in the world and one of the most developed cities in China. The economic aggregate of Shenzhen is almost equal to a province. It also owns a very good economic efficiency. It is an important base of high-tech and manufacturing in south China and ranks the fourth biggest container port in the world, and the fourth biggest airport in mainland. New York Times listed this city as one of the thirty-one tourist attractions in 2010. High-tech, financial service, logistics and culture industry are the four most important industries. The gross foreign export value ranks the first in the past nineteen years among China's major cities. The total export-import volume takes up 1/7 of mainland. British The Economist listed Shenzhen as the second Most Competitive Cities in the World in 2012.

Luohu District is one of the six administrative districts of Shenzhen. The famous Shenzhen speed "One highrise a day and one boulevard every three days" was originated here. It is located in the center of the city with an area of 78.9 square kilometers. The urban built-up area occupies 33.72 square kilometers. The rest is mainly water conservation zones and Wutong forest reserve. The forest coverage rate reaches 44%.

After 34 years development, Luohu has become the centers of fiance, commerce trade and entertainment. It is also the biggest gold and jewelry processing base. Presently, the service sector takes up 88% of the GDP. The four most important industries are finance,commerce and trade, gold and jewelry and cultural creativity. In the 2030 Urban Development Strategy of Shenzhen, the orientation of Luohu is to become the core district of the city.

First, Luohu is the financial center of Shenzhen. It holds 74% of all the banks, 60% insurance companies, 49% securities institutions, 50% other financing institutions, 90% foreign banks, 100% foreign securities institutions, and 89% of all foreign insurance companies of the whole city. China Insurance Regulatory Commission, Shenzhen Stock Exchange is also located in Luohu District. Second, it is also famous for the commerce and trade and is known in Hong Kong and Guangdong for shopping. Most one-day visitors from Hong Kong limit their shopping to Luohu Commercial City, located right outside the Luohu Immigration Control Point. The areas of Dongmen, Guomao, and Diwang are also important shopping centers. Third, Luohu is one of the most important manufacturing bases of gold and jewellery products. The production and sale accounts for 80% in Shenzhen and half in China. Fourth, it is an important base for cultural creativity in Shenzhen. Since 2005, Shenzhen has held “China (Shenzhen) International Culture Industry Fair” every year. It is sponsored by China Ministry of Culture, Guangdong Province People’s Government and Shenzhen People’s Government. The fair promotes and advertises creativity, jewelry design, home decoration, antique, calligraphy and painting etc at home and abroad. The cultural creativity takes up 4.6% of the GDP in Luohu. It is currently undergoing further restructuring for better development.

Under the guidance of new policies, Luohu District is showing its vigor again.


                                                                         Shenzhen Art Museum

About Shenzhen Art Museum

Shenzhen Art Museum lies by Shenzhen Reservior in Donghu Park, Luohu District. It is surrounded by green hills with beautiful scenery. You can enjoy both the natural beauty and the art here. Shenzhen Art Museum was established in 1987 with the approval of the municipal government. The area of museum is 5,500 square meters. The building area is 2,800 square meters and the area of exhibition hall is 1,200 square meters.

Address: 32 Donghu Street 1, Aiguo Road, Shenzhen City.Postal Code: 518021
Tel: 0755-25426069 Fax: 0755-25426070
Email: /
Exhibition Opening Time: from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Museum is closed to the public on Monday, and free of charge on Friday and open normally on holidays.Public Transportation: Take bus 3, 17, 360 and 320, and get off at the “Reservoir” station, then enter the West Lake Park and walk slowly to the destination as the direction board shows.

For more information, please visit the website of Shenzhen Art Museum:


                                                                            Luohu Cultural Center

Ahout Luohu Cultural Center

Luohu Cultural Center was established in December 1981, an institution under the full financial allocation of Luohu District Culture and Sports Bureau, Shenzhen City. It is the earliest established public cultural center in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.

For more information please visit the website of Luohu Cultural Center