Gold Medal Prize

Time:2014/1/11 2:00:48 View:9052

Gold Medal Prize ($8205+Medal )
Gazing, 107×77cm, Zhao Jitong (China)


Youthful beauty is eternal theme of painting.

As I am with boys and girls in teaching, their youthful vitality often infects me and motivates my creative impulses. When I first met this girl, she looked slightly shy and the simple good quality impressed me. That contributed to the painting. In order to highlight her temperament, I used a realistic approach, plain watercolour language and simple colors. With the transparent watercolor wet and dry skills, I utilized cover-dying to achieve thick, strong, good-looking painting effects. I also took the advantages of rough watercolor paper textures to enrich the screen, such as the white sweater processing (sanding after the colours were dry). In that way, its texture was of full performance and the material beauty of watercolor was also highlighted. Girl's head was carefully portrayed with some parts dyed as many as seven or eight times, especially the bright, glowing eyes. Eventually through her eyes, the youthful, simple, kind-hearted theme was deepened.


One cannot forget the shy eye expression of the girl at the first glance. It is very catching. This portrait can vividly present the personality and spirit. It is really a top work.

The skills are used quite well and freely. The trend of hands, which matches up with the expression, looks natural and decent. The contracts between the exquisite depiction of shirt cuffs and the texture of white plush sweater is appropriate and natural. It is mentionable that the textures of white plush sweater and watercolour paper create amazing painting flavor with a special approach. That attracts attention to stay.

Liu Shouxiang, professor
Dean of Watercolour Department of Hubei Fine Art Institute,
Assistant Director of Watercolour Art Committee in China Artists Association